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Syzygy Plasmonics Demonstrates Groundbreaking CO2-to-Fuel Solution with RTI International

May 14, 2024

Syzygy Plasmonics announced today that they, along with the nonprofit research institute RTI International, have successfully demonstrated an all-electric CO2-to-Fuel production pathway at RTI's facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.

"This project showcases our ability to fight climate change by converting harmful greenhouse gases into fuel," said Syzygy CEO Trevor Best. "Our light-driven reactors produce valuable syngas at a ratio that is ideal for feeding Fischer-Tropsch units to produce SAF. Syzygy syngas can also be used to produce diesel, gasoline, and methanol. At scale, we're talking about significantly reducing and potentially eliminating the carbon intensity of shipping, trucking, and aviation. This is a major step toward quickly and cost effectively cutting emissions from the heavy-duty transport sector."


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