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Sanctuary AI Named on TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023 List

October 24, 2023

The recognition is for Phoenix™, the only humanoid general-purpose robot on the list, and comes just weeks after being recognized as a LinkedIn Top Startup.

While many of the popular and successful robots of the last several years have been on the special-purpose end of the spectrum, what sets Sanctuary AI apart from others in the industry is its literal take on “general-purpose.” Powered by Carbon™, a pioneering and unique AI control system, Phoenix stands at 5’7”, weighs 155 lbs, and has industry-leading robotic hands with increased degrees of freedom (20 in total) that rival human hand dexterity and fine manipulation. Integrating modern AI technologies to translate natural language into action in the real world, Carbon features reasoning, task, and motion plans that are both explainable and auditable, providing Phoenix robots with the ability to think and then act to complete work tasks just like a person.


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