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our story

Founded in 2016, Evok was built around a mission of protecting the environment while strengthening the economy – all through commercializing transformative technologies.

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our portfolio


One of the leading carbon utilization companies in the world – Twelve (previously Opus 12) is commercializing a carbon dioxide electrolyzer that opens up a wide-range of Carbon-to-Value opportunities.

our team

Mike Biddle


I started my career working to save the world from plastics.


Now I’m working to save the world from carbon. We’ve got a lot of work to do.

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what people say


Evok has been with us since the beginning and is at the top of my list when I recommend investors to fellow entrepreneurs.

Evok sits on our board because they provide extraordinary value, beyond a check.


—  Nicholas Flanders

CEO & Co-Founder, Twelve

contact us

Whether you’re building a business, a fellow climate enthusiast, or looking for opportunities to invest in or support the ecosystem – we want to hear from you.