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Evok Innovations (“Evok”) is a unique partnership uniting Canada’s oil and gas companies and the BC Cleantech CEO Alliance to fund and accelerate the development and commercialization of transformative energy solutions. This partnership was created to address the most pressing environmental and economic industry challenges.  Learn more >

Sep 07, 2016 - JWN Energy

​Carbon pricing can reduce emissions while boosting economic growth: Study

New carbon tax modelling examining a straight carbon tax and a hybrid carbon pricing model found that Canada can significantly decarbonize while protecting economic performance, and actually boost economic performance under the hybrid carbon pricing model. Read More >

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Sep 20, 2016 - Responsible Scientists

Open Letter Regarding Climate Change From Concerned Members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

On September 20, 2016, 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including 30 Nobel laureates, published an open letter to draw attention to the serious risks of climate change. The letter warns that the consequences of opting out of the Paris agreement would be severe and long-lasting for our planet’s climate and for the international credibility of the United States. Read More >