May 19 2016 - CBC News

NEB approves Trans Mountain pipeline, with 157 conditions

The federal government now has seven months to make a decision on the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, after the national regulator gave its support to the proposed project.

The National Energy Board is recommending the multi-billion dollar pipeline be constructed as long as 157 conditions are met, including 49 environmental requirements.  
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Evok Innovations (“Evok”) is a unique partnership uniting Canada’s oil and gas companies and the BC Cleantech CEO Alliance to fund and accelerate the development and commercialization of transformative energy solutions. This partnership was created to address the most pressing environmental and economic industry challenges.  Learn more >

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May 17, 2016 - Clean Energy Canada

Climate Action Letter to Premier Christy Clark

British Columbia faces a crossroads: take new action to cut carbon pollution and restore B.C.’s legacy as a climate leader, or fail to meet B.C.’s commitments and forfeit the province’s hard-won reputation for leadership.

The province’s carbon pollution is rising. In this joint letter to the B.C. government, select members of the Climate Leadership Team argue that B.C. needs a stronger carbon tax and new and improved regulations to restore B.C.’s reputation for climate leadership and put the province back on track to meet its climate commitments. 
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